We’re celebrating 25 years in business! What began in 1990 as a two-room facility in Austin has grown to five facilities in four major Texas cities. We serve Austin, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. Several of our long-term clients use all of our locations and many have been with us for decades. They appreciate the consistent, high-quality service, ease of booking at multiple locations and accurate billing at the end of their event. Norris includes a lot of services other companies add on, so no “gotchas” when the invoice arrives. Forgot a cable? No worries, a staff member is there to help you out and get your event going. No need to wait for the A/V company to arrive and ask for a credit card. We also have free parking at all of our locations, which means no extra costs to participants (or expense reports). Everyone needs wi-fi for their phones, tablets and computers, including planners and participants. Our wi-fi is free, so nobody needs to get out a credit card (again) just to check their e-mail. These are but a few of the conveniences we have built into Norris Centers.

We designed all of the Norris Centers to host meetings and events, and facilitate adult learning. We are built from planning events ourselves and are dedicated to the success of our client’s events. Our job is to make the planning and execution of your event as easy as possible. Most of our clients have tried us out, experienced the Norris difference and then booked all of their events with us. Call or e-mail us to set up a tour, so we can show you what makes the Norris Centers so different than other venues. Or, just click on the Get a Quote link to get started on experiencing the Norris difference!