Norris is Ready to Host Your Event

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All of the Norris Centers are ready to host your events. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has now officially released approval for hosting indoor meetings with a 50% capacity limit, and we are excited that groups have already started to host events at our facilities.  Health and Safety First Below is a short list that represents [...]

Meeting Room Layouts with Carrie

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It can be difficult to envision exactly how you would like your event to flow. Start by knowing your options when it comes to the set up with this article from Social Tables which also equips you with some key points to get the ball rolling as you start the planning process of your event. [...]

Priscilla on Meeting Trends

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2020 is the year to go all out for Corporate Meetings. No one wants to attend a boring meeting so be sure to GO! ALL! OUT! Make your meeting a success with some of these top trends according to Helloendless.com. 1. Personalization for attendees: Your attendees will be more enthusiastic about the meeting if they [...]

Kristal on Meeting Room Setups

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Layouts determine the type of flow for your event. Will there be group interaction amongst peers? Crescent Rounds may be a good choice for group interaction with everyone facing forward.  Is it a listen and learn training? Classroom seating may be a better choice because everyone would be facing forward and have a table in [...]

Norris Training Systems Recapitalized by Surge Private Equity LLC

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Norris Training Systems in Recapitalization by Surge Private Equity LLC – facilitated by Generational Capital Markets Advises HOUSTON, January 11, 2020 Norris Training Systems, Inc. has been recapitalized by Surge Private Equity LLC. After operating for over 30 years, Norris Training Systems, Inc., who hosts a variety of events, serving over 2,500 clients each year [...]

Congratulations to our Certified Banquet Captains in San Antonio

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Congratulations to our Certified Banquet Captains in San Antonio Please join us in congratulating our two new Certified Banquet Captains at our San Antonio facility. Their hard work and dedication to customer service are dividends paid to our clients. Norris Centers is delighted to have them on our team. Maricela Diaz (middle right in photo above) joined [...]

An Enchanted Evening of Dinner & Dance

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Join us for an “Enchanted Evening of Dinner & Dancing” on October 8th at the Red Oak Ballroom – Houston/CityCentre! This special night includes live music, a four course dinner, drinks and a dance show and lessons. This special event is hosted by Dancing Fork Productions and the Red Oak Ballroom. The evening’s details are [...]

Christmas in August Open Houses

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Norris Centers Christmas in August event at Houston Westchase facility No doubt about it - the Texas Summer Heat is here! Why not beat the heat and come to one of our Christmas in August Open Houses? This is the perfect time to plan your “cool” company or office party. Norris Centers has [...]