“Mis Quince Anos”.  Also known as a Quinceanera, it is the most important day of a young Hispanic/Latino girl’s life. This marks the day when a young girl transitions into a beautiful young woman. Quinceaneras today are often celebrated as grand, over-the-top galas. “Planning Quinceaneras with Flair” requires attention to detail and careful consideration of several factors important to the “Quince Girl.” The things that are most important to a Quince Girl are the dress, “theme”, music, food, and stand out amenities.

Selecting the Perfect Dress

In past tradition, it was usual for the Quince Girl to wear White or a Light Pink dress. However, newer generations have decided to put a modern, colorful spin on their dress selections. Quince girls are now picking dresses with bright Color, Sequins, Sparkle, and Princess Ball gown styles.  It is also becoming a trend to select two Quinceanera dresses. The first dress will be worn to the Church ceremony and part of the opening reception.  Then comes the more fun, form-fitted party dress to be worn during the “Court” Dance and ending reception. Ultimately, it is the Quince girl’s choice because she will select the dress that makes her feel like a princess!

My Quince THEME

Selecting a Theme is probably one of the first things that will occur during the planning process of a Quinceanera. A Quince Girl’s theme is usually chosen based on her style, creativity, or hobbies. The most common themes are Under the Sea, Hollywood, Candy Land, Cinderella, or Mardi Gras. Once you select your theme, the venue and décor will follow.

DJ, Band, or Mariachis

Most Quinceaneras prefer to hire a DJ to keep their party active. The DJ will play a selection of music hand selected by the Quince Girl. This will keep her friends and guests on the dance floor throughout the night. If you are looking to go with tradition, Mariachis can be hired to play during the dinner service and provide serenades to each table.

Specialty Upgrades

The trending add-on amenities for a Quinceanera to enhance the celebration are a Candy Bar, Dessert Station, Chocolate Fountain, Photo Booth, and Colorful Lighting.  These items will be a perfect addition to make your Quinceanera more memorable.

Catering with a Twist

It’s most common to offer a Buffet Dinner for your guests. However, if you are looking to impress your guests offer them a plated dinner with a selection of beef, chicken, and seafood. This will allow the guests to feel special. If you want to put a spin on your food selection, consider offering a variety of Action Stations. Such as: Make Your Own Pasta Bar, “As you like it” Mac & Cheese Bar, Gourmet Baked Potato Station, Quesadilla Bar, or Grilled Cheese Station.

Now that you have seen a few tips and trends, it’s time to have fun and start the planning process of your own Quinceanera!