Carrie Schilling named Dallas GM

Norris Centers is delighted to announce Carrie Schilling has been promoted to General Manager at our Dallas location. Carrie has worked for Norris as a Sales Manager at our Austin location, then she moved to Dallas to help open that facility. We couldn't be happier that she has taken the helm of the Northpointe Centre [...]

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Please welcome our newest GM in Austin – John Barry

Norris Centers is pleased to announce our newest General Manager at our Austin location, John Barry. John brings with him 19 years experience in sales and catering in the hotel industry. John has worked for such brands as Marriott, Westin and Hilton.  He has a passion for events and enjoys the opportunity to create a [...]

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The Norris Centers Newest Facility – The ARK in Katy

The Norris Centers is excited to announce the opening of its' newest facility - The ARK in Katy. This addition makes it the third venue serving the Greater Houston area, and expands our service area to Katy. Many businesses and clients live in the area, so The ARK is a convenient addition to handle social [...]

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This past Saturday, our Houston CityCentre location had the honor of hosting the 2020 Senate District 17 Convention! The health and safety of both our guests and team members is our number one priority so we made sure that social distancing, as well as other recommended health and sanitization best practices, were followed. The enthusiasm [...]

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Norris is Ready to Host Your Event

All of the Norris Centers are ready to host your events. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has now officially released approval for hosting indoor meetings with a 50% capacity limit, and we are excited that groups have already started to host events at our facilities.  Health and Safety First Below is a short list that represents [...]

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We were so honored to receive this award from Oil and Gas Admins International! WE TRULY APPRECIATE YOUR OUTSTANDING SUPPORT! We would like to thank you so much for the wonderful support you’ve shown to Oil & Gas Admins International!  To succeed, our organization depends on the dedication and contributions of our members and supporters [...]

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Meeting Room Layouts with Carrie

It can be difficult to envision exactly how you would like your event to flow. Start by knowing your options when it comes to the set up with this article from Social Tables which also equips you with some key points to get the ball rolling as you start the planning process of your event. [...]

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Priscilla on Meeting Trends

2020 is the year to go all out for Corporate Meetings. No one wants to attend a boring meeting so be sure to GO! ALL! OUT! Make your meeting a success with some of these top trends according to 1. Personalization for attendees: Your attendees will be more enthusiastic about the meeting if they [...]

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Kristal on Meeting Room Setups

Layouts determine the type of flow for your event. Will there be group interaction amongst peers? Crescent Rounds may be a good choice for group interaction with everyone facing forward.  Is it a listen and learn training? Classroom seating may be a better choice because everyone would be facing forward and have a table in [...]

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