Food Allergies – a Doris@Norris Meeting Tip

Food Allergies – a Doris@Norris Meeting Tip

Food Allergies

When planning an event, there are a number of food allergies you will need to keep in mind when ordering meals for your attendees. 90% of all food allergies are associated with the following eight foods: Fish, Shellfish, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Milk, Eggs, Wheat & Soy. People have varying sensitivities to these foods, ranging from skin irritations to death. So minimizing these allergies to being just a fad won’t help your attendees. Most venues and caterers are aware of these allergies, and are prepared to alter their ingredients to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Please keep in mind some food allergies can be life threatening. So make it a habit to check with your attendees early in the planning process to accommodate their needs. That way everyone can relax and enjoy the event!

More information can be found in our Complete Meeting Guide and on the Web MD Food Allergy page.

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