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Norris Centers has over 29 years experience successfully planning events of all types – from corporate meetings to social gatherings. We are here to help you plan your event of any type or size. This page is loaded with tools, tips and resources that can aide the seasoned professional or someone tasked with planning an event at the last minute. No matter your experience level – Norris can help!

Below are different Categories used to plan an event, which have been divided to help you access the resources you need faster. If you are new to Event Planning, you may want to purchase our “Complete Resource Guide for the Meeting and Event Professional.” This is a 120-page document we have been building since 2007 that will walk you through all the steps and provide you the tools necessary for event planning. If you are a Professional Meeting Planner, look under our Resources section tab for helpful Checklists, Worksheets, Time lines, and other resources.

If you would like to ask Norris Centers a specific question or get some advice about your event, please click here or call one of our facilities.

Plan an Event with Norris’ Tools and Resources:

Plan an Event with Norris Centers Event Planning Guide

Are you new to event planning? Were you just tasked with setting up an event and have no idea where to start? Then download the “Complete Resource Guide for the Meeting and Event Professional” to walk you through the planning process (even social events). This is a 120 page, step-by-step Guide that we have been updating since 2007, with all the tools and resources needed to plan a successful event.

“Yes, but you said it was 120 pages and I don’t have time for all that!” Don’t be daunted by the size of the Guide. It is designed to help you quickly learn what you need to learn and get done what needs to get done. The goal of the Complete Resource Guide is to provide a high level of comfort in the process of planning an event and making informed decisions about the details of your event. We say “Planning an Event is a SNAP” because once you know the process, you can move through it with confidence.

Site Selection Checklist Download from Norris Centers

Site Selection Checklist

Equipment Checklist Download from Norris Centers

Equipment Checklist

Meeting Budgeting Worksheet Download from Norris Centers

Budgeting Worksheet

Hints for Controlling Costs Download from Norris Centers

Hints for Controlling Costs

Download meeting planning timelines document from Norris Centers

Meeting Planning Timeline

Download helpful questions for your event manager from Norris Centers

Helpful Questions for Your Event Manager

Download meeting planning websites list from Norris Centers

Meeting Planning Websites

Download a listing of professional organizations and publications provided by Norris Centers

Professional Organizations and Publications

Download a Norris Center Brochure

Norris Center Brochure